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Sorry the book club thing has fallen by the wayside.

I have been so incredibly busy, that I haven't had time to try and figure out what we should read; I haven't been getting very many suggestions either, so I suppose it's not a big deal.

Anyway, right now I'm reading Lolita (by Vladimir Nabokov).

I must say....I can't help feeling sorry for Humbert, even though he is a dirty old man. He really does do some very disgusting things, but still. :( I'll write more about it when I've finished the book. I can say that I like Nabokov's writing style, though.

Has anyone else read this book? If you have, who do you think should play Humbert, and who do you think should play Lolita? I know that there have already been a couple of screen adaptations (one in which Humbert is played by Jeremy Irons), but suppose it was remade in the present day....who then?

The little girl might be very difficult to cast, but I think Geoffrey Rush would make a very good Humbert, even though he's not exactly a handsome man (and Humbert is supposed to be very attractive).
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